Friday, January 30, 2015

Stripes and pinstripes

Sweater- Old Navy
turtleneck- Old Navy option   option
trousers- TJMaxx  option
booties- Sears option  option  option
earrings- option  option
Worn Jan. 25, 2015
I'm late posting today because I've been busy with a big personal project. I think I keep alluding to this and I promise I'll tell all as soon as I can. As for this outfit, I've seen this sweater and turtleneck on way too many bloggers so I caved back during Black Friday and ordered these pieces with some rewards. For the longest time, I did not need many sweaters but the past couple of winters, this one included, have seemed colder and I need sweaters! Maybe it's because I'm getting older.
I wore this to church Sunday. I didn't want to go in jeans (but sometimes do) so I thought denim trousers would be a slight step up. They have a subtle pinstripe in them so stripes and pinstripes it is.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Plaid and a bird

Sweater- Target option  option
shirt- JCrew Factory option  option
jeans- Levis option
shoes- Merrell option
worn Jan. 24, 2015

I know that graphic sweaters and birds are not as popular as they used to be but I think they are still fun to wear. I've been waiting for an opportunity to pair mine with this plaid shirt. Saturday was that opportunity. I wore it with the jeans and my hiking shoes because I knew I would be on my feet for a few hours and needed comfort. Otherwise, booties would have been my footwear choice.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Copy cat

Blazer- Dress Barn option
shirt- JCPenney option
pants- Target option
shoes- Belk
necklace- Loft option
Worn Jan. 21, 2015

I pretty much copied this look from Lindsey at Thrift and Shout and that's what I meant to do when I pinned it. I went with a different necklace and my pants are different but still the same color family. I still get the most excited when I see something I can repeat from what's already in my closet. Seeing new stuff is great, but I like to use what I have.

 Here's a look back to how I wore these pants in the past.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Plaid ankle pants

Sweater- Dress Barn option option
pants- Loft option
shoes- Target  option
earrings- old  option
worn Jan. 16, 2015

I didn't get this post up this morning like I wanted to. I had issues with my computer. That should be remedied soon because I've got a new one. I've just got to learn it and get some of the contents of the old one transferred over. Anyone using Windows 8.1? I'm a little lost right now.

Hope you all had a good week. Mine has been exhausting but exciting things are in store for us, so hopefully the extra work will be worth it.

About these pants- they don't  have a bit of burgundy/red/oxblood in them but certainly pair well with this color. I got the idea straight from the Loft website. 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Twice thrifted

Blazer- thrifted  option
sweater- Loft thrifted  option  option
pants- GAP option option
shoes- old option option option
necklace/bracelet- gift
Worn Jan. 14, 2015

Both the blazer and sweater are thrifted. I would have never thought to pair these two pieces and colors if it had not been for pinterest. How did we ever get dressed before its conception?

I just don't have much to say this morning. I'm running on fumes because I've been up late the past two nights working on a big project. I'll let you in on it soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Color of the year

Blazer- old option
top- TJMaxx option  option
pants- Loft
necklace- Piperlime option option
shoes- JCPenney
worn Jan. 12, 2015

Do you follow the color of the year? Pantone's 2015 color of the year is marsala. At first I thought it was not much different than 2012's oxblood, but after looking a little closer, marsala is a little more earthy and has a bit more brown to it. It's not quite as deep of a red or as bold as oxblood, but I bet they are cousins. So this blazer is so 2012. Tsk tsk, so outdated. LOL. I have had this blazer for years and it's still going strong, no matter what fashion says is in or out.  

But let's talk about these shoes now. If you look back at the last few posts, they have been getting a lot of wear lately. And I'm not sure they are going to hold up to it. They are getting a little worn. Do you ever get stuck on repeat with a pair of shoes or other item?
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