Friday, February 27, 2015

Navy and brown/ business to casual

Blazer- Limited  option
sweater- thrifted  option
pants- Loft  option 
shoes old  option  option
sneakers (bottom) JCPenney  option  option  option

I've always thought the right shades of navy and brown go together well, so this was an easy outfit to pull together. No pinterest inspiration needed. I just worked off the colors of these plaid pants. These were an impulse spurge last fall. I really didn't need more pants, but they have been a hard working addition. I have a couple of more outfit ideas in mind for them. To challenge myself more, I decided to see if I could dress them down. I typically would only reach for these for a day at the office, but one day I'll retire with a closet full of business attire so maybe I should start thinking more often about whether or not an item can work outside the office. I tossed the blazer and changed the shoes to leopard sneakers, and as casual for me.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Light colored shoes

Top- Dress Barn (old) option option
Blazer- Dress Barn (old) option  option option
pants- JCPenney
shoes- Belks option
necklace- JCrew Factory option
worn Feb. 24, 2015
I don't normally wear light colored shoes with dark pants. Any thoughts on  that from you guys? I have no problem wearing a colored shoe but otherwise, I tend to stick with dark for dark pants and skirts and light for light pants and skirts. Of course, nude shoes can go with anything, but outside of that, I usually stay with my rule. However, I'm bored with winter and decided maybe I could change the outfits up a bit by rotating through my shoes that haven't been worn. So... this is the result. I like it.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ad Inspired vintage cardigan

Cardigan-old  option  option
shirt- Banana Republic  option option
pants- TJMaxx  option  option
necklace- old (gift) option  option option
shoes Target  option  option
Worn Feb. 20, 2015
Below is the inspiration for this outfit, found of course on Pinterest.
I had almost forgotten about this cardigan. It belonged to my mother  years ago, so it's fair to say it's vintage. I used to wear it a good bit about ten years ago, but haven't in a while. It's one of those pieces that I've never considered tossing because it has maintained and still in good shape. When I saw the inspiration photo, I was reminded of it. I needed a good warm outfit to wear Friday, so out came the cardigan. And I said to myself, on look , it's marled... right on trend. LOL
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Monday, February 23, 2015


Coat- gift option  option
scarf- gift option
blouse- thrifted  option  option
sweater- JCPenney
pants- Target option
shoes- TJMaxx  option
necklace- made by me
Worn Feb. 18, 2015
I don't normally consider my outerwear as part of an outfit. Once in a while, a light jacket will be part of an outfit, like a denim jacket or utility jacket, but when it comes to staying warm, the outer piece isn't necessarily part of the outfit. With that said, since it has been so cold lately, I thought I'd throw in a shot of my coat. I do choose a neutral color for a coat that will coordinate with most anything. What are your thoughts on outerwear?
The outfit  consists of these maroon pants that I've shown a couple of times before. Here are two other ways I've worn them:

I also made the necklace I'm wearing. Details HERE on my craft blog.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter florals

Blazer- Old  option  option
top- Belk's  option
skirt- Target
boots-  option  option
bracelet -made by me
Worn Feb. 17, 2015
It rained all day Tuesday, forcing me to take pictures indoors. This is the Target skirt that I was swayed by social media to buy. I first styled it here. It really does have lots more options and I should have worn it again before now. But if I don't wear it again this season, it will get lots of wear in the fall and next winter.  Sometimes I do that. I tend to wear a new item more the next season than when I first buy it. Do you have any quirky clothing habits?

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bundle up

Sweater- Old Navy
scarf- Nordstrom  option  option
jeans- Levis boot cut  option
booties- Target (old) option  option  option
Worn Feb. 14, 2015
After a week of pinks and reds, this is what I actually wore on Valentine's Day. It started with a trip to the doctor at the immediate care for a cold/sinus infection. This is the third one in three months so I was not dragging around two weeks trying to fight this off on my own. I caved and got some antibiotics. I quickly shed the scarf too because it wasn't really cold that afternoon, but if I needed to bundle up, this would get the job done.
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