Thursday, August 21, 2014

Little white dress

Dress- Belk option
Blazer- Forever 21 option
shoes- TJMaxx option option
necklace- online boutique option
Worn August 1, 2014
Everyone should have a little white dress in their closet. It's the summer version of the LBD, just cooler. I purchased this cotton eyelet dress last summer on clearance and could not let this summer pass without wearing it. I started out with a blazer because I was copying this look and because I try not to show too much skin for church, but it was extremely hot in there this week, so I had to ditch the blazer.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More butterflies

Blouse- Old Navy option option option
shorts- Levis dockers/ Ross option
shoes- Old Navy option
necklace- gift option option
Worn August 15, 2014
No, I don't have butterflies in my stomach over anything. I'm just posting a butterfly print blouse two days in a row. They were not worn back to back, but I wanted to post something more interesting than what's next in the chronological lineup. It's a wonder that I don't have a closet full of butterfly prints- I love butterflies. I photograph them all the time and collect items with butterflies on them. They are on the shower curtain, spoon rests, candle holder, etc in my house. You get the picture.

I also wanted you guys to know that I got my hair color redone and the cut trimmed a bit. I'm in a growing out phase and my hair had gotten way out of shape. The last few photos have been awful. Now it's got a little more definition.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pop of color

Blazer- Forever 21option option
Blouse- thrifted option option
pants- JCPenney option
belt- Target option
shoes- Payless option option
 Worn August 13, 2014
I literally threw this together last week from items that did not need ironing. I was running late and had not ironed or put together an outfit the night before. I was totally unmotivated to create outfits but this worked. My favorite part is the belt. It coordinates with the blouse but pops against the cobalt. This is my limit with brights and neon- two with only a pop of neon.
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Monday, August 18, 2014

One top- 4 ways

Top- Banana Republic-old option option option option
skirt- thrifted option option
blazer- Lord and Taylor option option
shoes- TJ Maxx option
worn August 11, 2014
I loved how this outfit turned out. I'm not so in love with the photos. I was so tired last week and it shows so much in these photos. I didn't even take quality photos that day- they were way off focus and I just didn't feel like spending much time on them ( I take them myself with a tripod and remote). So you get a limited number of photos. I am happy to report that this Monday is starting off much better and I am feeling better.
Below are three other ways I've worn this top. Navy plays well with so many other colors.
                                   1                     2                     3                 4
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ruched sleeves

Blazer- Belks option
top- Belks option option
pants- JCPenney similar
shoes- Old option option
Worn August 6, 2014

Can I whine a little? I'm tired. I cannot seem to get rested anymore. I'm not getting to bed early enough and therefore, not getting up in time for workouts. And it's a vicous cycle of feeling bad. I'm tired of work, tired of church, tired of chores... It seems everyday is a repeat of work, cook, wash dishes, go to bed (late) and repeat. The hubby and I are doing some fun things on the weekends but sometimes that subtracts from rest too. I've got to find a happy median. And I've got to shut up and go to bed.

Thanks for listening.

I purchased this top and blazer together at the same time, same store because they appeared to be made for each other. I've worn the blazer other ways, but need to mix the top up some. Oh, and I'm tired of my wardrobe. Some days I think I just cannot possibly come up with one more outfit.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Silver shoes

Blouse- old- TJMaxx option option
skirt- old  option     option   option
Worn August 5, 2014
This skirt is one of those items that I have held onto for a long time because I love it on the hanger but then not so much on me. I think I'm hanging onto it as a challenge to find the perfect way to style it. It had a matching top and I did let that go a couple of years ago. I'm over "matchy matchy" and tend to avoid that now days unless I'm wearing a business suit.

Do you have those items that you have a "love on the hanger" relationship with?

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Get paid to shop

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

We all love to shop, right? Well, okay I'll admit sometimes I don't. Sometimes it can be frustrating to find certain things with just the right fit, etc., especially when I NEED something. The most fun is when I'm just casually browsing and find a great deal on something on my wish/needs list.

How about finding great deals AND getting paid to shop? Too good to sound true? No- you CAN do such a thing. I recently signed up at Ebates. You get cashback from some of your favorite stores and they alert you to deals and coupons. It's no brainer. Sign up for free and start shopping.

While they are not paying me for this post, I will earn additional bonuses it you sign up from my link and then make qualifying purchases. I'm just telling you about this because you can earn a little extra cash too. I've been ignoring this site for way too long. I just recently placed an order for some of our grocery items we purchase online and now there is money sitting in my Ebates account. It's that simple.
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